Whole cloth Aurifil challenge

Whole cloth Aurifil challenge


For this months challenge we were to make a whole cloth quilt using fabric sent to us from Windham Fabrics. I have never done any thing related to whole a whole cloth quilt and I really struggled with getting a concrete idea. I switched a few times on what I would be doing! 

Eventually I came back around to the first idea I had. Plants. Plants that you can't kill. Plants to hang out with your other plants. I went with three mini wall hangings. Three plants are better then one. ;) 

I received a yard of Turquoise Jade (backing) and a yard of Aqua White (front).

And with that I looked up a few pictures of plants on the internets and went with something that I could draw out and had enough texture to be able to tell what it was. 

Banana Leaves

Monstera Leaves

Bird of Paradise

I used my standard home machine and straight stitches. For each one I made a matching tassel with Aurifil embroidery floss. 

For this challenge I used Aurifil cotton 50wt in 2435, 2865, and 2830. For the tassels I used Aurifil Floss in 4661, 2865, 2440.

I might be biased to the Birds of Paradise plant. It is a favorite. 

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