Week 3 of Bat EPP Along!

Week 3 of Bat EPP Along!

Whew. What a week. Let that one get past me, but here we are now, onto week 3 of the Bat EPP along! 

Thanks for sticking with me! 

Week 3 of the Bat EPP along- all about stitching the bat together


This week we're talking all about stitching this bad boy together. It seems a bit intimidating but once you get the placement of where to hold your hands down it goes by pretty fast. 

Starting up where we left off last week, with all of our pieces basted and ready to sew together. 

With our thread of choice cut a strip about as long as your hand to elbow. Lots of quilters will cut more than that but I feel like any more and the thread starts getting in the way of itself. Especially with these pieces being thin and close together. Tie a knot at the end and thread your needle. 

Week 3 of the Bat EPP along- all about stitching the bat together

A few things before we start, it will feel like it starts off messy and not very tight but thats is because our pieces are small and thin but after a few stitches it will be easier to see where you are going. Flat back is my go to stitch and thats what I will be showing today. With most of these pieces you can also use the whip stitch but your stitches might show more on the front. If your seam allowance is in the way, instead of sewing through it move it out of the way for now. This will make removing your papers easier in those tight spots. 

To start we're going to be working in groups of three. I know the picture below is a step beyond that but that is when I remembered to take the photo. I like to work from right to left with my needle, so with two pieces butt up next to each other put your needle through just a few threads on the right piece, sliding it through just a few threads on the left side and pull tight. But not so tight that your knotted side comes flying through and you have to do that first stitch again. Just saying from experience, haha.

I can hold my pieces like I am holding a deck of cards with my thumb covering both pieces. If this still feels wrong, using larger magnets to hold your pieces together can be very helpful. Keep working from right to left with about 18-20 stitches per inch. You can see in the picture below that I have moved the seam allowances out of the way to get those stitches in. They easily go back to their place with a quick good press from the iron. 

Week 3 of the bat epp along- picture shows flat back stitch

The front side of the same section. Ive pressed my seams back into place and my stitches are blending in.

week 3 of the bat epp along- front side of the flat back stitch

 I've worked all of my wing pieces together in groups of three and since the bat is symmetrical I've worked those in separate sides and will join them together when I have the two halves sewn up.   

Week 3 of the Bat EPP along- all about stitching the bat together

And again, keep joining those sections together. Giving your bat pieces a good press in between each section will help relax the thread and get your pieces to lay flatter. I also like using a quilters clapper, like this amazing one from Jenna over on Instagram. 

 week 3 of the bat epp along

Alright we made it! Two halves, and one head! Join the two halves together and then that adorable little head and bam! You have yourself a complete bat! Congratulations! Give that baby a great press and take some amazing Instagram photos! You should be proud! 

week 3 of the bat epp along

Thanks for joining me! 

Next week we have a bit of a catch up week, and Ill check back in with another post! 

Happy Stitching




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