Luna Moth EPP walkthrough

Luna Moth EPP walkthrough


Luna Moth English paper piecing pattern is now available and can be found here! 


Today I'm going to walk us through the process of hand sewing the Luna Moth and hopefully offer some helpful hints along the way. Luna's wingspan comes in at about 14" and comes in at just under 60 pieces.   

Fabric pull on Cardstock

First up is our fabric pull & tools. I wanted to keep it simple and to showcase all of the details that are in the pattern. I used a mix of Kona Cotton and Ruby Star Society Speckled fabric. Most of the pieces are on the smaller side so large fabric scraps will work. Even those weird shaped fabric scraps come in handy! Keep those scraps for English paper piecing!

For the sewing tools I used Aurifil 50 wt thread. This thread has low fraying and I tend to abuse my thread at times and it holds up to that abuse! I use a glue stick for glue basting, I like this method. It is quick for me and I like the look. I also have super serious snips and a Milliners needle. I tend to buy a variety pack of needles so the sizes vary from 9- 11. 

Lets print and carefully separate the pattern into more manageable pieces. Here I halved the pattern, so I am only working with one side at a time and I can use the other side as a sort of mirror. It helps me with knowing where my pieces go. And then I broke it down into even more manageable parts, each part being something I could make in a small time frame. I made it my goal to finish each of those sections a day, and it was only like an hour or so of my time each day. 

I used a flat back stitch to bring all of my pieces together. I like this stitch because it is easy on the hands and is relatively hidden from the front side, especially if you use thread that color matches with the fabric. 

If you feel like your pieces are getting a bit wavy or not sitting flat, a quick press with a hot iron will help ease and relax the thread. Helping the pattern lay flatter. I also sometimes use my Quilters clapper for some added weight in helping it become flat.  

And repeat for the opposite side. 

Join those two halves and you have a beautiful Luna Moth! 

You can use the finished moth on bags or even as a decoration piece! I currently have mine hanging on the wall for extra inspiration! 

Luna Moth English paper Pieced Pattern

Below are two of the tester versions! Both Mickie from @WanderstitchCompany and Hollie from @Thethornandthimble did an amazing job! This was both's first time doing curves in EPP! 

You can grab Luna here

Tag me on instagram with your makes! @Porcupinesews_threads 

and use #LunaMothEPP to find other makes! 

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