Bunny Hops Walkthrough

Bunny Hops Walkthrough

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Let's start this off by selecting our fabrics. This project has many smaller pieces that are great for scraps, so start by checking the scrap bin first. I went with a modern selection of Ruby Star Society and one focal print from Rae Ritchie. While picking out fabrics assign that fabric to a corresponding letter on the bunny.  

For all of my materials, I have my Aurifil 50wt thread. I like this thread because the shed/ fray is low and I can be a bit tougher with it without it breaking. I have my trusty disappearing purple glue stick for basting. My super serious snips and size 10 milliners needle.  

Bunny Hops pattern with fabric.

For the bunny I like to start up at the ears because they are quick and look super cute once done. Carefully separate the ears from the body and then separate the ear pieces. These are the fabrics I've assigned to the ears. 

In the picture below I have my bunny pieces placed on the wrong side, but you can see two picture below the correct placement. 

Baste those ear pieces. I use glue and often am heavy handed with the glue use but you want to aim for just the outside edge of your fabric.  


Once all of the ear pieces are basted I like to find the easiest path to sew these pieces together before beginning. This means the path I can take while sewing without having to carry my thread over or the easiest way the pieces fit together.

For these ears I started at the top B piece, using the flat back stitch I attached it to the B piece below it. I then attached that piece to the C piece. Joining the C unit to D and then that unit to the A piece. Give that a good press and repeat for the other ear. 

With the ears now done, I like to work one side at a time, using the other side as guide if I need to clarify which way the piece goes. For the bunny I sewed it up in smaller sections and then joined those two groups together. Giving everything a good press before moving on. 

Repeat for the other side. Carefully join the two sides together. If the nose pieces (K &F) are not laying flat give it a good press. And finally attach the ear pieces. Once finished give everything a good press! 

And there you have it. Easier and quicker than it looks! 

If you're looking for a sharp Instagram picture keep those papers in! But once you're ready to move on carefully take out those paper pieces. If you were heavy handed on the glue use a warm iron to loosen the glue, making paper removal easier. 

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