Fun Binding with Aurifil Thread!

Fun Binding with Aurifil Thread!


When I was sent my welcome package from Aurifil I immediately started to get excited about what to do with all that thread that was sent me!  

I first started to just play around and used my Clover Hera marker to mark out lines to stitch 1" apart. 

On one yard of crisp white fabric I used threads 2260, 2479, 2423.

Color 2423 is a different weight (50 wt) and if I bought thread for this project I would buy in this weight. It shows up best and has great texture. 

On a second yard cut I decided to have some fun with the variegated thread! I used color 4657.  

I set my stitch size to 3.5 and went to town! I first sewed down the 1" marked lines and then filled in between at the .5 mark. 

I thought it would be fun to use these panels for binding! 

There are a few things I learned. If I wanted the sewn lines on the binding to be straight, it needed to be cut in strips and sewn together on a diagonal. If I wanted my sewn lines to be diagonal lines then bias binding needed to be made.

I decided to go with straight lines on the pink / red panel and cut that one up immediately.  

I ended up using the binding on my black and white Rite of Spring Quilt! 

Let me know what you think! Have you made any fun or unique bindings for your quilts before?

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