Aurifil November Challenge, just a bit late

Aurifil November Challenge, just a bit late

A while back I signed up for Aurifil's November challenge, hand quilting. 

I quickly decided on doing some hand quilting on a recent finish, the Wallowa quilt from Alderwood studio. It has nice lines that are just calling for that hand quilting look. 

I used Aurifil Floss for the hand quilting. It really pops and adds a ton of texture! Aurifil 12wt is also really popular for hand quilting. I happen to have a good supply of floss on hand and thats why I went with it. I'm really glad I did!

All of the quilting was off to a good start but then the quilt was claimed by a certain Ginger cat and the hand quilting quickly slowed down. Every time I took the quilt out to be worked on (I like to really lay it all out and work on the floor) in a matter of seconds the cat would show up! There was no safe spot. 

And since it is 2020, I gave in to the cat and decided it would get done when it got done. 

 The cat will be very happy with this finish.  

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