Aurifil Embroidery Challenge

Aurifil Embroidery Challenge


This months Aurifil Artisan challenge was to work with their floss. I am a huge fan of embroidery and the art that can be made from it so this was right up my alley! 

Aurifils floss is 6 strands and comes in 270 colors which is just perfect for thread painting. Thread painting in embroidery is where you use one or two strands of thread to create a picture. The use of one or two strands allows you to add lots of detail and movement. 

I decided pretty easily on a mountain picture. We just moved to a town at the foothills of Mt Rainier. My office has some pretty mountain views! It is pretty inspiring! 

I used the following colors to create my picture. 

For the mountains I used: 2620, 2630, 2800.

The meadows and trees I used: 2886, 2882, 2888, 2330, 1140, 1130, 5014, 2835, 2850, 4129.

And for the water and flowers I used colors: 2880, 2715, 2835, 2140, 2240, 2420. 



And phew! that does look like a lot of colors, but they all have a job and some of them are used more than once in different parts of the picture! 

Thread Painting is a lot of short stitched mixed in with a lot of long stitches. A lot of blending happens with just your stitch length! It does take a bit of trust for the picture to come together. I try to mark out as much detail as I can with out getting overwhelmed at how big the picture can be.

To speed things up I used two strands of thread for the bigger part of the picture and single strands for the smaller details. When creating the meadow I used two strands of two different colors. In order to have the grass look like it was blowing in the wind I worked in small sections at a time with each section going in a slightly different direction. Just a slight change in the slanting. I repeated this same technique with the water and mountains. 


The Hoop is 6 inches and it took me 4 days to to fill in and another day to fill in those tiny details. I had most of the floss on hand and received a few spools from Aurifil for this project.  



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