Week 1 of Bat EPP Along

Week 1 of Bat EPP Along

Bat EPP Along

Week 1 of Bat EPP Along and it is all about fabrics and tools! 

we're just gathering up our tools and getting prepared! Always preparing! 


Grab pattern here!

First let's talk about that paper weight. I use a Canon Pixma Pro printer to print all of my patterns and I use 90-110 card stock weight. I like the thicker yet still pliable paper. You can use the lower weight papers those work just as well, those will be a bit more bendy and flexible. Cereal boxes and snack boxes also work for EPP, there are lots of options! It's just finding one that works for you and your project. 


Tools to sew - 

Needle- I like to use milliners needles size 10-11. 

Thread- If you are worried about your stitches showing the important thing here is to use a thread color that matches the fabric. I use Auriful 40 or 50 wt thread. 


Fabric- Go ahead, reach for that scrap bin! This project is perfect for it! 

 Optional tools- 

Thread wax or Balm 




This pattern is perfect for scraps! Check that scrap bin before cutting into the bigger cuts of fabric! 

If you're feeling stuck on which direction to head in, I like to check out Pinterest! Search for color combos or color inspiration and find a color combinations that inspire you! If you still feel stuck, use color combos you know are good and you enjoy! My go to colors are gold and pink! 


Fabric combos for Bat English Paper pieced Along Fabric combos for the Bat English paper pieced along

Keep it simple and grab 4-5 different fabrics, keeping two of them in some contrasting colors, so it all doesn't blend together. Unless thats what you're going for. ;) 

Because the paper pieces are smaller small prints work really well for this pattern! 

Prints that show movement are always fun to use too, like those Rae Ritchie prints below. Fussy cutting a piece is always a fun idea, I've been known to add a strawberry print on a few of my epps!   

Fabric combos for the Bat English paper pieced along Fabric combos for Bat English Paper Pieced Along  

Let me know how your fabric pull went this week! Tag your pull with #BatEPPAlong to share! 

September 27, 2021 — Laura Ryan
Moon Phases EPP Quilt Pattern

Moon Phases EPP Quilt Pattern

Moon Phases EPP Quilt is now available! 


To celebrate ALL PDF"S are 15% off! Hop on over to the shop to grab your patterns before the sale ends! 

About the pattern:: Moon Phases is a modern english paper pieced pattern that also includes traditional piecing. The pattern includes includes instructions for a baby quilt or for a table runner! 

I've made my version into the quilt and added some hand quilting to bring it all together. 

Let's jump into the pattern!

To start the fabric prep I used two coordinating Carolyn Friedlander fabrics for the moon and a speckled Ruby Star Society for the background. 

It didn't take long for all of the moon pieces to come together. I used glue for basting and for thread I used Aurifil 50wt in cream. At this point I was pretty excited that the pattern was coming together so quickly! 

After Epping all of my moon pieces I checked out several reference photos for my placement. After finding the correct version (ha!) I set to getting my moon pieces all in place. I used my ruler to get the moons even across but you could get it even more precise by folding your fabric in half and in thirds to find equal spacing from each other.   

To attach my moons to background fabric I used a small zig zag stitch and Aurifil clear nylon thread. The thread is so clear that I have a hard time even telling its there! If you don't have clear thread on hand you can either do a needle turn appliqué or even use a thread that matches the fabric. 

The quilt was just begging for some hand quilting with all of that open space! I used Aurifil Floss in color 4140, for that extra texture. 

I did end up adding some stitches with my machine just to add some extra security. For that I used Aurifil 12 wt. The thread has an extra thickness and it really worked with this quilt! Throughout the whole quilt, I ended up using 4 different weights of thread for this quilt! 

 I can't wait to see your moons in the future! 

Don't forget to tag your makes on Instagram with #MoonPhasesEPP 

Grab your copy while its on sale! 





January 28, 2021 — Laura Ryan
Aurifil November Challenge, just a bit late

Aurifil November Challenge, just a bit late

A while back I signed up for Aurifil's November challenge, hand quilting. 

I quickly decided on doing some hand quilting on a recent finish, the Wallowa quilt from Alderwood studio. It has nice lines that are just calling for that hand quilting look. 

I used Aurifil Floss for the hand quilting. It really pops and adds a ton of texture! Aurifil 12wt is also really popular for hand quilting. I happen to have a good supply of floss on hand and thats why I went with it. I'm really glad I did!

All of the quilting was off to a good start but then the quilt was claimed by a certain Ginger cat and the hand quilting quickly slowed down. Every time I took the quilt out to be worked on (I like to really lay it all out and work on the floor) in a matter of seconds the cat would show up! There was no safe spot. 

And since it is 2020, I gave in to the cat and decided it would get done when it got done. 

 The cat will be very happy with this finish.  

December 27, 2020 — Laura Ryan
Whole cloth Aurifil challenge

Whole cloth Aurifil challenge

Aurifil Whole Cloth Challenge. Three wall hangings with "drawings" of plants.
September 27, 2020 — Laura Ryan
Fun Binding with Aurifil Thread!

Fun Binding with Aurifil Thread!

Fun binding with Aurifil Thread
September 08, 2020 — Laura Ryan
Aurifil Embroidery Challenge

Aurifil Embroidery Challenge

Aurifil Embroidery Challenge
August 25, 2020 — Laura Ryan
Aurifil Artisan 2020

Aurifil Artisan 2020

Aurifil Artisan 2020
August 22, 2020 — Laura Ryan